Thermador releases interactive cooking appliances

Thermador adds space to cooking top. Image credit: Thermador

Luxury appliance maker Thermador is hoping to turn affluent homeowners into professional cooks with innovative appliance features.

Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect it the appliance makers latest product launch, featuring newly designed ovens and cooktops. Thermador says its Freedom Induction Cooktop is the largest usable cooking surface on the market.

Innovative kitchens

Equipped with smart features, the cooktop features the ability to detect cookware and transfers all programmed settings whenever it moves to its new location.
It is available in both 30 and 36 inches.

New gas cooktops feature what the brand calls Raised Pedestal Star Burners that make it easier to clean.

Each new product is equipped with Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect, allowing it to be controlled through its mobile application.

Image credit: Thermador

Thermador is known for new innovations and these additions truly embody culinary luxury throughout the home, said Beatriz Sandoval, director of brand marketing at Thermador.

From the ultra-intuitive features that empower users to express themselves through their adventurous creations, to the unparalleled personalization options and striking craftsmanship that allow for complete design freedom, Thermador has once again redefined the cooking category.

The brand also recently introduced a line of dishwashers designed specifically for those who like to entertain.

Described as groundbreaking, the Radiance Collection introduces specially made racks to accommodate a wide range of glassware and a powerful drying solution. These appliances are also designed as fashionable pieces in affluents homes and come equipped with a convenient application (see story).